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Eco Village Project Korea Green Foundation has been working together with neighboring Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and Nepal since 2006.
For those with drinking water problems, the foundation built wells and rainwater utilization system in cooperation with local people, to build healthy and
economic living environments for them. Starting from 2012, the foundation began to distribute solar lamps to villages in Asia with underdeveloped electricity
infrastructure. Along with these efforts, the foundation began to think about life of people in neighboring regions who were affected by natural disasters
from climate change like flood, typhoon and earthquake. A safe shelter, education to prepare for the future and sustainable job…

Paying attention to environmental value of each region and preserving the value for the people to respond to the climate disasters more wisely.!
The foundation was set to develop a sustainable development model for community including education, drinking water and eco tour. That was how.
<Eco Village Project> started.

Project introduction

Korea Green Foundation is building an eco-friendly sustainable development model in Banisanta Union,
near Sundarbans, Bangladesh, in cooperation with a local environmental group, BEDS, municipal government and Khulna University.

Eco-friendly housing environment
Drinking water support /
Clean stove support /
Mangrove forest building
Environment awareness improvement
and capabilities building
to respond to climate change,
teachers’ training to teach environmental issues
Nurturing of teachers to teach environmental issues /
School environmental education /
Eco-friendly farming and fishery work /
Construction of environmental education center
Sustainable development
Eco tour
(Guide education, tour development) /
Research (Utilizing local resources,
production of handcraft t products)