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International Energy Agency (IEA) defined ‘energy poverty’ as one of the main obstacles to block development of a nation. Korea Green Foundation cares for
the children who are losing their future due to lack of electricity. What is the best way to deliver light right away and make sure to keep it available with
no warries of electricity cost? The answer is solar lamps. Korea Green Foundation has been running project to provide 10,000 solar lamps to ensure Asian
regions with no electricity to enjoy the benefits of healthy and natural energy of solar light.
Providing eco-friendly solar light energy to 10,000 households across 8 Asian countries including Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh and
Myanmar, the foundation helped children in the nations to learn and dream about a brighter future with no concern over respiratory disease and fuel cost.

Also June 22, 2015, the solar school was built at Khejuria Binapani Government School in Khulna, Bangladesh. At that time the school was still affected with
frequent natural disasters from climate change and could no utilize electricity. The solar school was built at the public primary school (Khejuria Binapani
Government School), also used as public shelter for the village. To distribute the light bulbs and help the students use light at home, a high capacity solar light
panel was installed and the remaining electricity was utilized for environmental education and income generation programs for the village.Korea Green
Foundation has been working with a local partner, BEDS (Bangladesh Environment and Development Society) since 2013 to provide solar lamps and began to
plan construction of ‘Solar School’ in discussion with local residents and complete the school in 2 years to resolve the issue of rampant energy poverty.