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Stop the Global Warming with Mangrove Forest

To restore the mangrove forest area damaged by oil spills and global warming, the Korea Green Foundation has started an arbor project in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh since 2015. Mangrove Arbor Project is part of the Eco Village project designed to help communities in Asian regions vulnerable to climate change so that they could achieve sustainable development with the proper use of technology. Until now, 80,000 mangroves have been planted, bringing the importance of mangroves preservation to public attention through street campaigns, signature campaigns, and online fundraising.Starting from 2020, we will launch the Mangrove 100,000 Arbor Project <Plant it for the Planet> campaign. Please support this initiative!

  • Global Warming is desiccating the Earth.
    As a result, we often face serious disasters like air pollution, an increase in typhoons and droughts, Heatwaves, and new virus increase. Though the Earth is losing its self-purifying capacity, being filled with heat due to increasing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas concentrations. Global warming is accelerating, and one of the best ways to solve this problem is to plant trees and restore forests that absorb carbon dioxide and reduces the greenhouse effect!
  • The best carbon-capturing tree
    Do you know which tree absorbs the most carbon dioxide? It is a mangrove. If you've ever seen a tree with thin roots extending into many branches on the water surface while traveling in Asian countries, that's it. Distributed mostly in tropical and subtropical areas, mangroves can take up more CO2 than others thanks to their roots growing out in all directions; 1ha of mangrove forest can absorb three to five times more carbon dioxide (100t per year) and plays a role as a natural carbon sink. More than 10,000 global scientists have chosen 'Restoring Mangrove Forest' as one of the emergency codes of conduct to combat the climate crisis.
  • The mangrove forests are gradually disappearing.
    Although they make up less than 0.4% of the world's forests, they boast their efficiency and high carbon absorption rate. However, they are being cut back for resorts and shrimp farming, etc. To make matters worse, natural disasters have destroyed a quarter of the forests. The Earth's carbon sequestration capacity is waning accordingly. Another problem is that the logging of mangroves has resulted in a massive release of carbon once stored in the Earth, aggravating global warming. To stop global warming, mangrove forests should be restored lest they disappear.
  • 'Plant it for the Planet' the Mangrove Arbor Campaign begins.
    Forests play an important role in reducing carbon. To preserve such valuable forests and contribute to addressing global warming issues, the Korea Green Foundation has planted 80,000 mangrove trees in Bangladesh since 2015.And from this year on, we're re-running the campaign to plant 20,000 additional trees.100,000 mangrove tree cover of around 3 ha, with annual carbon uptake of 300t. Plant it for the Planet campaign aims to cool off the Earth by promoting and growing more mangrove forests.
Join us in protecting the mangrove forests so that the waning Earth may regain vitality and cool down!
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