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Fun & vivid with various environmental learning experiences and
activity programs!

환경재단 어린이환경센터의 로고는 국민대학교 조형대학 시각디자인학교 명예교수, 대한민국 그린디자이너 1호 윤호섭 교수의 재능기부로 제작되었습니다.
Learning and recognizing environmental issues in daily life from childhood.

Korea Green Foundation is running various programs at <Eco Children’s Center> to provide kids with the opportunity to experience and learn the importance of the environments in a funnier and more active way. To offer environment education and creative learning at the same time, the top-notch environment education for children is provided with teaching tools and curriculum, developed and organized by the experts in the field.

Green leader children grow from the Eco Children’s Center
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