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제12회 서울환경영화제 에코 프렌즈, 배우 노영학과 배우 진경
제11회 서울환경영화제 에코 프렌즈, 배우 강하늘과 배우 이소은 그리고 집행위원장 최열 환경재단 대표와 박재동 화백

The issue of environment has become a key word that everybody pays attention to and is interested in but still, there are many people who feel
that it is somehow too heavy and difficult issue to deal with. Starting with Green Film Festival in Seoul in 2004,
Korea Green Foundation has been seeking ways of coexistence of the environment and humans and has been exploring the
alternatives and better practice for the future. Now the festival is taking its presence as one of the 3 major environmental film festivals in the world,
and also the largest scale in Asia and the only environmental film festival in Korea.