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Keep sharing and cooperating to build a better Asia for all

Since its foundation in 2002, KGF has been supporting asian countries to make its dream of Green Asia come true. It has distributed solar lamps in the
<Light of Life> project, built wells in the <Water of Life> and now it is carrying on <Eco village> project in pursuit of making the sustainable eco-village.

Green Asia MAP

그린아시아 MAP
  • Solar Light lamp support
  • Emergency rescue support in severe earthquake
  • Awareness improvement campaign on climate change
  • Conservation of bio diversity habitat
  • Dairy farming waste management
  • Well of Life
  • Well of Life
  • Solar light lamp support
  • Tree planting along the riverside of the Onggi River that has been desertified with mine development
  • Solar light lamp support
  • Natural forest and white elephant protection
  • Kalyana Mitta Development Foundation
  • Solar light lamp support
  • Solar School
  • Eco village
  • Climate disaster
    (flood, drought, earthquake, etc.)
    media report research
  • Fisherman cooperation campaign
  • Career education for women
  • Well of life
  • Solar light lamp support
  • Support for rainwater utilization facilities
  • Support for climate change governance activities
  • Awareness improvement on misuse/abuse of insecticide among minority ethnic groups in Muong, a village in Northwest region
  • Support for a project to increase income of women in farming community
Sri Lanka
  • Citizen education on climate change
  • Analysis on social and economic factors of chronic kidney failure
  • Capability building of civic groups in the regions, susceptible to climate change
  • Solar light lamp support for native people
  • Climate change education for children
  • Youth environment program
  • Climate change and food security education
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Solar light lamp support
  • Movement to protect endangered eagles
  • Natural energy forum
  • Support for waste management projectsin agricultural village
  • Response to climate change in women community
  • Support for climate change and forest conservation activities
  • Tree planting campaign in lumbering areas
  • Solar home system
  • Education to renew energy awareness among women
  • Mangrove recovery movement
  • The Abra river conservation in Quiriono village