Water of Life

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Every year, as many as 20,000 people die from disease like cholera, parasite and typhoid, due to no access to clean drinking water.
Especially, almost 4,500 people with weak immune system die after drinking contaminated water. Since 2006, Korea Green Foundation has been helping
people in neighboring Asia countries like Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to ensure them to have access to clean water by supporting well and
rainwater management system.

Cu Khe Village, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi, Vietnam
The rainwater facilities with 22 tons of capacity were built at preschools
and primary schools July, 2014 to provide access to drinking water for
380 preschoolers and 260 primary school students and help understand
the importance of rainwater resources.

Trường tiểu học An Nghĩa, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Rainwater utilization facility with 19 tons of capacity was built at An Nghĩa
November, 2015. There were 325 students, studying at the school
and with introduction of the facility, 649 students, including 100
preschoolers and 224 middle school students who were also attending to
the school building, were able to drink clean water.