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환경재단 어린이환경센터의 로고는 국민대학교 조형대학 시각디자인학교 명예교수, 대한민국 그린디자이너 1호 윤호섭 교수의 재능기부로 제작되었습니다.

It has been reported that 60~70% of children todays are suffering from environmental diseases like an atopic dermatitis or asthma. For atopy and asthma
treatment, consistent care and attention is important. But children in low income families and social care facilities are often neglected and do not get
proper treatment. Korea Green Foundation has been running a comprehensive treatment support programs for children in low income families since 2003.
The program was designed to provide continuous support to boost awareness on environmental diseases and help them enjoy eco-friendly daily life, with
no worries of atopy and other environmental disease.