Eco Children’s Programs

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  • Actions that create behavior
    Environmental Campaign
    환경 캠페인
  • Looking for nature
    Environmental Experience
    환경 체험
  • With your friends
    Environmental Camp
    환경 캠프
  • Visiting education
    Visit-Based Environmental Education
    기관방문형 환경교육
  • Development of Teaching Aid
    & Curriculum
    환경 체험
  • For a better tomorrow
    Environmental Support
    환경 지원
  • A Concert with a Theme / Founding Anniversary Campaign

    We created a ‘Concert with a Theme & Meaning’ to celebrate the establishment of the Eco Children’s Center and to encourage Green leaders to grow with nature.
    Every year, we hold a special concert/campaign with a timely environmental theme in time for the anniversary.

  • Children Green Leadership Program

    It is an on-site experience training to learn the preciousness of water and the importance of protecting the ecosystem by visiting domestic and international Ramsar-registered
    wetlands or hidden wetlands. Every year, we visit four wetlands in Korea and conduct overseas training by visiting overseas wetlands with Green leaders selected from this program.

  • Asthma Support for Children

    We support children who are easily affected by air environmental causes such as fine dust and yellow dust to grow up healthy. Through multilateral cooperation with experts from
    various fields, we provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for children with asthma and support children in various ways to improve their living conditions.