Korea Green Foundation,the environmental hub of Asia
to drive the efforts to solve environmental issues


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Korea Green Foundation is the first public foundation specialized in environment.

Since its foundation in 2002, KGF is trying to raise people's awareness on the environmental issue by cultural and educational means.
It has been meeting and supporting many environmental activists home and abroad and is runnig diverse programs in order to make people to act
in their daily lives.


Making environmental network in Asia, taking the lead in solving environmental problems including climate change.


Making people to recognize environmental issues as the most urgent and significant problems
of our time through cultural means and its expertise.



    We rely on one another for life on earth.
    Thus, a one-sided gain or supremacy is by
    nature inappropriate. We will help donators
    understand that the act of donation is a
    prime investment, which guarantees greater
    benefits. Based on the principle of interde
    pendence, Korea Green Foundation will
    strive to become a public benefit founda
    tion that converts conflicts & disputes into
    harmony & peace.


    Korea Green Foundation upholds
    transparent full disclosure of the budget
    and execution of the foundation and
    ensures fair selection of beneficiaries to
    remain as a trustworthy foundation for


    As Korea’s first public benefit foundation
    with expertise in the environmental sector,
    Korea Green Foundation will exert its efforts
    in saving lives through the help of its top-
    notch human resources, networks, and
    expertise regarding the environment.


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