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Title [Green Campaign] KGF’S new identity just revealed : K-GREEN 2022-03-03



K-Green Foundation, the former Korea Green Foundation, is the Korea’s first environment-specialized public utility foundation established in 2002. We set a milestone in the history of Korean environment movement as the representative environmental organization and have evolved, keeping up with the times. Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2022, we introduce our new identity.



1. Mission

K-Green Foundation is a community of practice working in company with the government, corporation, and civil society to make a sustainable earth.


2. Slogan

Together we save the earth. / Green leaders change the world.
* Who are green leaders? Those who jump over the barriers that obstruct sustainability of the earth, make an effort
 to find solutions, anseek for innovative measures.


3. Vision

We aim to foster 5 million global green leaders by 2025 to lead the global environmental movement. 

To fulfill our vision, we will establish the Eco Campus to broaden the horizons of knowledge and enhance solidarity.  


4. Values

We will develop ourselves as a green leader first and foster the green leaders, walking in solidarity with young green leaders.

To realize our values; we study, go out to the field, practice, and make it real together.  


5. Logo

Our new logo(CI) visualizes a single extended line made up of the repetitive, horizontal parallel lines above. 

Every letter facing the same direction in a straight line represents our historicity, sustainability, and principle for environment.