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Title [Green Asia] The winner of Goldman Environmental Prize, exclaims the future of ‘Environmental education’ in the Green Asia Forum 2017-09-26

On September 13th, 2017, ‘Green Asia Forum’ was held, which is an international environmental forum participated by environmentalists from all over the world. Hosted by Korea Green Foundation and Seoul National University Asia Center, environmentalists·experts including five Goldman Environmental Prize winners, which is deemed as the Nobel Prize of Environment, and 300 citizens participated in the forum.


This year was its 5th forum and the topic was ‘Climatic changes in Asia and environmental education’, consisting of sharing climatic change issues from each country and discussions to devise measures through education.


Started by the keynote speeches of Kang, Woohyeon, the CEO of Tamnara Sangsang Group, and Prafulla Samantar, the Goldman Environmental Prize winner and am attorney(India), three sessions followed, The value of environmental education to cope with climatic changes High-technology as the alternative of environmental education Our road ahead to overcome climatic changes, and presentations as well as discussion were conducted by each session.


After the discussion, the participants adopted a joint statement with the title of ‘For sustainable environmental education’. Mark Lopez, the CEO of US EYCEJ(2017 Goldman Environmental Prize winner) represented the participants and read the statement.


They mentioned, “Environmental education should not remain at changes in perception towards national environment. The overall education should be reorganized focusing on sustainability of human beings and the Earth.” and resolved to lead diverse innovations of environmental movement and education in their positions.